Compliance Dashboard

Our compliance dashboard picks up changes in an employee's job function and automatically distributes any necessary training and documents they need in their new role.

Employees who don't pass or fail to engage with their training are marked as non-compliant and are automatically re-enroled on any outstanding courses. Every instance is recorded so admins have a complete record of non-compliant employees and their total rate of engagement.

  • Automatically enrol and re-enrol employees on essential training
  • Easily identify instances of non-compliance in the workplace
  • Maintain a complete record of non-engagements
  • Report on compliance levels across your organisation

How it works

job hunt
1 Automatically detect user training needs during onboarding
2 Immediately schedule and deploy training and policies
file searching
3 Easily identify non-compliance and areas of risk
4 Automatically enrol non-compliant users on incomplete courses
dark analytics
5 Configure actionable reports and maintain a robust audit trail

Features at a glance


Automatic enrolment and re-enrolment

WorkWize compliance dashboard automatically enrols users on essential training and allows admins to schedule periodic refresher courses to keep users up to date with the latest information on best practice and legislation.

Users are also re-enroled if they fail or miss a course, giving them a chance to re-engage with the compliance process.  

Automated features include:

  • Deploy essential compliance training to your users
  • Schedule periodic refresher courses
  • Re-enrol users who fail to complete training
  • Record instances of non-compliance


Compliance by job functions

Assign training to specific roles within your organisation and let WorkWize take care of the rest.

Our compliance dashboard instantly detects new employees and changes in job functions and automatically schedules and deploys relevant training. If a user transitions to a new job role, the system will enrol them on any new training and remove them from previous courses without the need for administrative input.


Deliver training in any format

The WorkWize compliance dashboard can automatically schedule training in a range of formats including online training, instructor led classroom training, documents and policies.

The required sequence of training can be preset by instructors and content developers. WorkWize can even require users to upload documents, such as training certificates before progressing further with their training.

Automatically schedule and deploy:

  • Online training courses
  • Instructor-led classroom training
  • Organisational policies and procedures
  • Compliance documentation


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